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Shine YOUR Light ~ Learn More About Domestic Violence

"Domestic Violence “Significant numbers of the world’s population are routinely subject to torture, starvation, terrorism, humiliation, mutilation, and even murder simply because they are female. Crimes such as these against any other group would be recognized as a civil and political emergency” Charlotte Bunch and Roxanna Carrillo For millions of women, the home is the most dangerous place they could be. Far from being a place of safety, the family is often a cradle of violence. Women suffer cruelties in their homes every day, from all family members. Domestic violence is a means of keeping women “in their place,” literally confined to relationship. Household, or family structures defined by patriarchal authority. Violence against women sustains particular sexual, family, and household structures, and keeps women subordinate to them. Domestic violence is the most ubiquitous constant in women’s lives around the world. There is virtually no place where it is not a significant problem, and women of no race, class, or age are exempt from its reach. Statistics on domestic violence are notoriously unreliable. What information we do have about it is only available because of concerted campaigns by women to bring attention to this issue. Violence against women is often ignored or even condoned by the state on the grounds that it is a “private” matter."